Attorney/Client Information


Attorney/client information is any form of confidential communication between a client and his/her lawyer for the purpose of securing legal advice. This is believed to allow for a client’s full disclosure to his/her counsel.

If an attorney violates the confidence of his/her client, this may lead to disciplinary action being taken against the lawyer.

It is important to understand that this privilege only protects the actual communications between client and counsel, but does not extend to information that can be retrieved from another source.

Data Classification


  • Communication relating to lawsuit
  • Contract information
  • Services relation to contract dispute
Laws and Regulations

• American Bar ( ): explains the details of attorney/client privileged information including legal ethical duties surrounding these communications.

Additional Resources

• University of Chicago Office of Legal Counsel ( ): home page for the Office of Legal Counsel at the University of Chicago. The site includes the sort of cases they cover as well as a list of the attorneys who work in the office • Illinois Courts ( ): includes links to the Illinois Courts’ Rules of Professional Conduct for all practicing attorneys.