A public Wi-Fi is a non-secure wireless network University faculty, students, and staff can access in public spaces. This wireless network is not secure, meaning that data is not encrypted between... Learn more about Any public wifi

AURA is an automated system that facilitates research administrations across The University campus. There are various AURA modules that ease faculty administrative tasks.

The BSD SharePoint is a web application that allows for easy, secure collaboration between team members. Sharepoint allows teams to edit documents, publish reports, and share calendar information... Learn more about BSD SharePoint

The Bulkmail service allows for the distribution of mandatory, official messages. The intended audience for bulkmail messages is the University community or other large groups at the University.... Learn more about bulkmail

Computers are connected to The University’s network when they are connected to a network jack. Many computers on the wired network use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) in order for the... Learn more about Campus Network - Wired

Chalk is an online educational tool that allows instructors to upload course materials, syllabi, and assignments, and students interact with the course material. Students have the ability to see... Learn more about Chalk

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows a University of Chicago community member to securely access The University’s network off campus, from anywhere in the world.

Since some services are... Learn more about cVPN (Cisco AnyConnect)

A departmental email is a University staff member-owned account that is forwarded to a departmental server.

This category refers to storage that is managed and maintained by departmental IT groups. In many cases these environments have not been reviewed by IT Services, so adherence to University... Learn more about Departmental file server

MozyPro is a software the University uses as a desktop and laptop computer back-up solution. Backup and restoration of computer data can be done while not on the campus network and performed... Learn more about Desktop Backup - MozyPro