Removable media is any form of electronic device, including flash drives, used for backing up or storing data which can be transferred between machines.

Removable media can be disconnected... Learn more about Flash Drive & Removable Media

IT Services operated video conferencing is an on-demand service that allows University employees to connect with their colleagues on campus or in remote locations. IT Services provides the service... Learn more about ITS Operated Video Conferencing

Sharepoint is a web application that allows for easy, secure collaboration between team members. Sharepoint allows teams to edit team documents, publish reports, and share calendar information.... Learn more about ITS SharePoint

An ITS Supported Computer is a machine that is owned by the University of Chicago and leased to a user for a certain amount of time. These leases expire every three years.

Leasing a... Learn more about ITS Supported Computer

This category refers to storage mechanisms that are not licensed by the University of Chicago for use by staff, faculty, or students for any type of official University business use. Examples of... Learn more about Other Cloud Storage

Personal desktops and laptops are owned by an individual for that person’s personal and professional use. These personal computers are not leased to a user or owned by the University of Chicago.... Learn more about Other Computer

A phone or tablet is a mobile device a user buys for his or her personal and professional use.

Secure copy, referred to as SCP, is software used to copy data from one computer to another using encrypted protocols and public key authentication to insure that the data cannot be read by... Learn more about Secure Copy (SFTP, SSL, SCP)

The University provides enterprise backup and recovery solutions for servers across campus. Off-site protection is optionally available for critical applications.

Qualtrics is a web-based survey software tool that enables users to do many kinds of online data collection and analysis including market research, customer satisfaction and loyalty, product and... Learn more about Survey tools (UChicago Qualtrics)