Tank is a file sharing service for departments that require data protection for work-related documents. Individuals within a group are able to update and collaborate on shared documents through... Learn more about Tank (UCAD shares)

The UCHAD email is the e-mail account assigned to The University Biological Sciences Division students, faculty, and staff. It is based on Microsoft Exchange, allows users to perform basic... Learn more about UCHAD email

UChicagoBox is a cloud-based file storage service. Accounts are provisioned with unlimited storage. Please note: UChicago Box may not be used by UCMC employees.

A platform for UChicago members to store, backup, and upload any file type in a centralized storage space.

UChicago Google Apps is a version of Gmail tailored to the UChicago campus email system and is available to faculty, staff, and students. UChicago Google Apps provides a host of services, such as... Learn more about UChicago Google mail

An online platform where UChicago members can create and share webpages with other members.

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based collaboration suite, which offers many different tools.  Among these are several digital communications platforms: Email via Exchange Online, chat/audio/video... Learn more about UChicago Office 365 email

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based collaboration suite, which offers many different tools.  Among these are several file sharing and file storage options: OneDrive for personal file hosting,... Learn more about UChicago Office 365 platform (OneDrive, SharePoint, Stream)

UChicago Sites ( are designed to be easy to update and manage. With your new site, you will be able to:

... Learn more about UChicago Sites websites

Instant messaging allows colleagues in different physical locations to have business-related discussions in a chat format, without the use of email. Instant messaging allows for almost immediate... Learn more about UChicago supported chat (Spark; Office 365 Teams Chat)