The University’s voicemail is primarily used for the receiving and short-term storage of telephone messages. Messages are typically retrieved and then discarded, but they can also be forwarded to... Learn more about UChicago Voice Mail

UChicago Voices makes it simple to publish just about any type of content to the web. Anyone can build a site. UChicago Voices is powered by WordPress and hosted by EduBlogs.

UChicago... Learn more about UChicago Voices website

UChicago Wi-Fi is a wireless network University faculty, students, and staff can access in most locations across the campus with proper authentication.

UChicago-Secure and Eduroam are secure wireless University of Chicago networks University faculty, students, and staff can access while on campus. Both of these networks are secure networks,... Learn more about UChicago-Secure/Eduroam Wifi

Sharepoint is a web application that allows for easy, secure collaboration between team members. Sharepoint allows teams to edit team documents, publish reports, and share calendar information.... Learn more about UCM CBIS SharePoint (

A UCM CBIS supported endpoint is a device owned by the University of Chicago and leased to a user for a certain amount of time. These leases expire every three years.

Leasing a computer is... Learn more about UCM CBIS supported endpoints (laptops, desktops, phones, tablets)

Computers are connected to the UCMC network when they are connected to a network jack. Many computers on the wired network use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) in order for the user to... Learn more about UCM network - wired

UCM provides file sharing for departments that require data protection for work-related documents. Access requires users be connected to the UCM network.

UCMC wifi is a secure wireless network for UCMC staff. The network is secure, meaning that data is encrypted between the wireless access point and the user’s device.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows a UCMC staff member to securely access UCMC's network off campus, from anywhere in the world.

Since some services are only available to staff... Learn more about UCM VPN