Other Computer


Personal desktops and laptops are owned by an individual for that person’s personal and professional use. These personal computers are not leased to a user or owned by the University of Chicago.

It is important to remember that all personal computers must have at least minimum security safeguards such as passwords and anti-virus software.

Service Category
  • An administrator buys a personal desktop for home use and wishes to store some work related documents on that computer.
Compliance Information

NOTE: To store Private Personal Information or Protected Health Information, devices and data must be encrypted and evidence of encryption must be retrievable. Please consult with relevant Data Steward, IRM, or University CISO.

University Policies

University of Chicago IT Services (https://itservices.uchicago.edu/policies/file-sharing-policy ): The University of Chicago’s policy on how copyrighted information cannot be shared illegally on The University’s network

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