Personally Identifiable Information (PII)


Personally Identifiable Information (PII) deals with any sort of sensitive information associated with a specific person, which can be used to identify or locate that individual.

This can come in the form of credit card information, a social security number, or any other source of individually identifying materials.

Another common name for this type of data is Private Personal information (PPI).

PII has been around for years. People have been concerned with cyber security, but it has only become a major topic of concern since the dawn of the computer age.

Data Classification


  • SSN
  • Credit/Debit Card Numbers
  • Home Address
  • Gender
  • Passport information
  • Immigration/Visa information
University Policies

NOTE: Device Encryption is required for End User Devices with Private Personal Information.

Laws and Regulations

• Illinois General Assembly, Public Act 094-0036 ( ): The following document is an Illinois state law regarding the collection and dissemination of PPI.

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