UChicago Sites websites


UChicago Sites (https://uchicagosites.uchicago.edu) are designed to be easy to update and manage. With your new site, you will be able to:

  • use a web browser to update your site anywhere, anytime
  • upload images and include YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • display events from a University of Chicago calendar
  • create unlimited user accounts and assign roles with different permissions
  • publish news articles and have them automatically show up on your homepage and in your site's RSS feed
  • tag your news articles to make it easier to find what you're looking for
Service Category

Follow the links below to visit websites built on the UChicago Sites platform:

Compliance Information

NOTE: UChicago Sites websites may not be used to collect or store Private Personal Information (PPI).

Additional Resources

The IT Services Knowledgebase now has more support documentation for UChicago Sites, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Browse all the UChicago Sites documentation, or contact us with your support question.


Unlike UChicago Sites, which has a fee of $500/year per hosted website and requires IT Services-provided support for use, UChicago Voices is provided to members of the University of Chicago community free of charge and entirely self-service. Voices is built upon the industry standard WordPress content management system.

Voices enables website owners to independently create, build, launch, and maintain a website.

IT Services support is only needed when a domain (or web address) of an existing non-Voices website will need to be redirected to a Voices website. For example, an existing non-Voices website with URL xyz123.uchicago.edu can, in most instances, be redirected to voices.uchicago.edu/xyz123. In this example, a website visitor will still be able to use the branded URL xyz123.uchicago.edu, however he/she will be automatically redirected to the Voices URL voices.uchicago.edu/xyz123.

Because Voices is free of charge and self-service, customizations to templates on Voices—such as the new UChicago Sites-based template, as well as any existing or subsequent templates—will be limited. Also, additional functionality beyond what is currently offered through Voices—especially functionality that involves transactional or interactive behavior (e.g., event registration and tracking more complex than a simple form or program enrollment functionality)—will not be available.

To create a new website on Voices using the new template, navigate to voices.uchicago.edu. For questions about Voices, contact voices_sites@lists.uchicago.edu.