UChicago Voices website


UChicago Voices makes it simple to publish just about any type of content to the web. Anyone can build a site. UChicago Voices is powered by WordPress and hosted by EduBlogs.

UChicago Voices is a service provided by IT Services at the University of Chicago. At this time technical support is limited.

Service Category

Departmental or Unit Website

  • Use a UChicago-branded template to create your own free departmental or unit website.
  • All UChicago-branded templates are pre-built to include sample pages, menus, and styles.
  • Reach out to webwork@lists.uchicago.edu to discuss creating a custom Voices site.
Compliance Information

NOTE: UChicago Voices websites may not be used to collect or store Private Personal Information (PPI).

Additional Resources

For questions about Voices, visit https://voices.uchicago.edu or email voices_sites@lists.uchicago.edu.